PREDITOR is a program for PREDIcting φ, ψ, χ1, and ω TORsion angles in proteins  from 13C, 15N and 1H chemical shifts and sequential homology. PREDITOR's accuracy in predicting φ and ψ is close to 90%. The average χ1 accuracy is 84% while the ω accuracy is 99.98% for trans peptide bond identification and 93% for cis peptide bond identification. Overall, the program is 35X faster and its predictions are approximately 20% better than existing methods. You can find additional information about PREDITOR protocol on...

Please Cite: Berjanskii MV, Neal S, Wishart DS. PREDITOR: a web server for predicting protein torsion angle restraints. Nucleic Acids Res. 2006 Jul 1;34(Web Server issue):W63-9.


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Advanced options

Initial steps:
YES  NO  - Re-reference chemical shifts
YES  NO  - Only display PDB homologues

Predict dihedral angles using BMRB/SHIFTY input and...
Chemical shifts and a PDB homologue (Default) 
      - maximal (default is 100%)    or/and minimal (default is 60%) sequence identity
Chemical shifts only 
A PDB homologue only  
Chemical shifts and a homologous protein of your choice 
      - PDB ID or PDB ID & chain letter (Example)
Predictions from a homologue only will be run for FASTA input regardless selection of advanced options listed above

In addition to predicted angles, output...
YES  NO  - X-PLOR/CNS torsion angle restraints
YES  NO  - CYANA/AMBER torsion angle restraints
YES  NO  - Re-referenced chemical shifts
YES  NO  - Predictions of secondary structure using Chemical Shift Index (CSI)
YES  NO  - Predictions of protein flexibility using Random Coil Index (RCI)
YES  NO  - PDB homologues

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PREDITOR database is DB 1.0 (141 proteins, built on April 10th, 2006)
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